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    Our Careers & Benefits

    We are keen on keeping Crowd Analyzer a balanced workplace where personal and professional growth move together.

    Job Openings


    Crowd Analyzer offices are designed to help our teams stay focused in a fun and relaxing environment. But above all strengthen the team spirit.

    Our Culture


    Crowd Analyzer perceives work-life balance as a core essence to its success. Therefore, we cherish the fusion between a healthy fun environment and productivity. The link between both is very evident through our approaches and achievements that qualify our office and community to be a home and a family, respectively. Crowd Analyzer’s core values reveal much about how we think a company should run.

    One may find a company that has a ‘work from home’ policy, but Crowd Analyzer took that several steps further and organizes bi-annual trips for the team to work from a destination in Egypt a beach for instance.

    Although it may seem a bit too entertaining for a workplace, but we strongly believe that it recharges our energetic Analyzers and builds a very tight team.

    Core Values


    Ownership is the key to achieving the best results. As a startup, we believe that ownership of the company encourages everyone to be involved in their work, everybody matters at Crowd Analyzer.


    Our relationship to investors, employees, candidates, and all stakeholders is based on transparency which generates mutual respect.


    Crowd Analyzer is a startup in a constantly developing field. Seizing new opportunities is our routine as a team and a company.


    When we’re setting ground-breaking standards, we’re expected to adopt abnormal measures. Crowd Analyzer is very understanding from both sides; the company’s and the employees’.

    Our Office

    Crowd Analyzer offices in Cairo and Dubai are designed to maintain the focus of the team, while keeping them entertained. But above all, strengthen the team spirit.

    (meeting room) - Simply-designed meeting rooms for quick calls and wrap-ups. They keep our team members aware of their surrounding, while still enjoying the quietness they need.
    (Fun Area) - It's the buffer-zone where our team maintains its work-life balance, while still building stronger ties with other team members. The ambiance with the foosball table in this area relieves your stress like no other place.
    (Open Area work-space)- Because we believe our teams are interconnected, we believe sharing an inclusive and open work space is essential for fostering teamwork and communication
    (Quiet-Area) - Whenever our Analyzers need to concentrate in a laid back and comfortable setting, they just head out to the quit area to focus and relax.
    (Kitchen)- Lunch breaks are always fun in our kitchen area. With a modern wooden look and overlooking Maadi greenery, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a nice meal.
    (Open Space Area)-  While our Analyzers are hard at work, the open space plan allows them to have easy quick conversations about work or to simply socialize.

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