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    7 Jan 2018

    Crowd Analyzer provides Cannes Lions' command center

    Cannes Lions is identified as one of the most renowned festivals for the creative industry. Enterprises and companies from all over the globe join each other to exchange knowledge, latest trends, and techniques through panel talks, workshops, classes, and networking events.


    What Did Cannes Lions Need?

    1. Highlight the online activities the festival receives.
    2. Display analytics to the audience, in the events and outside.
    3. Highlight the speakers at the event.

    Creating the Command Center

    1. Cannes Lions has always created a command center for their events. However, this was their first time to utilize Crowd Analyzer’s accurate and customizable coverage to create their command center.
    2. Metrics from different social media platforms were displayed through the event’s command center in order to keep attendees and anyone interested informed.
    3. Cannes Lions’ command center was tailored to complement the festival’s objectives. Hence, our team added a meter to measure what speakers’ social accounts received throughout their events.

    Although is it often treated as an additional luxury, the command center is actually a valuable addition to any business. Find out how the command center and the dashboard can impact your brand!

    What did the command center tell us about Cannes Lions?

    Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.12.07 AM
    • Interactions =718.9K.
    • Individual Users = 84K.
    • Sentiment = 95.2% Neutral / 4.2% Positive / 0.6% Negative.
    • Gender Participation = 51.5% Males / 15.2% Females / 33.2% Business Accounts.


    Let's see how the volume of content published on different platforms conveys the nature of the event. Twitter is usually the go-to social media platform that allows users to share quick snapshots of news and events. Although Cannes Lions is a smashing hit of an event, it is more about networking between various creatives of the world. Hence, we found that attendees and users were more interested in sharing their Cannes Lions experience on Instagram.

    Where did the buzz come from?

    Although one would expect that the larger buzz will be generated from the country hosting the event, but the command center revealed that the event got so much attention from all over the world. When the buzz is distributed among different countries, that indicates how accurately the content of the event was designed to target different people are engaged with different countries.

    • United Kingdom (22.3%)
    • France (20.4%)
    • United States (10.9%)
    • India (8.7%)
    • Nigeria (5.9%)
    • United Arab Emirates (3.03%)

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