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    7 Jan, 2019

    How Did DHL reached to new customers by Using Social Media Listening? - Case Study

    DHL, like many other companies, depends on a large number of employees and salespersons to get leads. Offices in different countries had allocated teams dedicated to generate leads from multiple directories.

    What was DHL aiming to do?

    The German world leader in logistics already had a huge client-base of large enterprises that choose DHL as their main courier.
    However, the company realized that the Middle East is filled with potential clients who run small local businesses using social media and who required delivery services to their own customer base.

    Utilizing social media listening to explore different market sizes and generate leads

    Given that Instagram is the most suitable platform for local stores and resellers, DHL and Crowd Analyzer had to find a solution to bypass the recent API changes that blocked tools from accessing users’ information.

    Why did DHL need users’ demographics?

    DHL targeted local resellers across the following countries separately:
    Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Egypt.

    How did Crowd Analyzer maintain the most accurate results?

    Crowd Analyzer already has a large variety of filters that provide and sustain accurate results for all the data extracted across all social media platforms. Instagram’s new API changes blocked the location of users, while DHL was mainly interested in targeting different markets separately. Therefore, Crowd Analyzer’s team applied a filter that contains the country’s code to the query that includes all the hashtags and keywords DHL had previously selected to monitor.

    After DHL determined the markets it wanted to generate leads from, the natural next step was to find a social media listening tool that would be able to identify these leads effectively and efficiently across social media platforms; mainly in Arabic, then English.

    Accordingly, DHL decided to use Crowd Analyzer tool for their new expansion initiative leveraging its Arabic focused social media monitoring strength.

    Using social media listening to generate leads

    Crowd Analyzer collaborated with DHL to research the most common products small businesses deliver across every country. The results of the research yielded insights about the common line of shipments for small businesses in every monitored country. 

    • Research Stage:
      DHL and Crowd Analyzer conducted a thorough research to understand the targeted segments and markets, analyzing the methods and keywords sellers and resellers mostly use to reach their customers.
    • Query Building:
      The results of the research stages included an analysis of the variation of keywords and hashtags used in different countries. Accordingly, multiple queries were added with filters with the international country codes to indicate the location of these small businesses.
    • What success needed to look like?
    1. Segments to target.
    2. User Demographic of segments.
    3. Accurate Results with a xx% threshold.
    4. The number of potential leads expected.

    Results: Generating Segmented Leads

    The total number of leads delivered to DHL over 30 days across the various segments:

    • Egypt: 2160
    • Kuwait: 420
    • Lebanon: 90
    • UAE: 163


    Note the variants are due to the fact that Kuwait leads have been refined and worked on, Egypt, Lebanon and UAE are still being tweaked from both our end and the client's.


    Watch the video to learn how DHL utilized Crowd Analyzer's features to generated leads from a newly explored segment. Using Crowd Analyzer, DHL saved the time of tens of employees who worked for long hours in different offices in the region to identify prospective clients in different countries. 

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