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    7 Jan, 2019

    How a fast food giant measured its online reputation

    A short story on how social media listening can get you all the results you need with minimal time and effort!

    Our customer’s success is our success

    While Crowd Analyzer partners with clients from a wide array of industries, we focused this time on a client operating in the Food and Beverages industry. As the positive results rolled in, we were thrilled when our client was able to utilize our platform to carry out vital tasks more efficiently and achieve better results!

    Why Crowd Analyzer?

    Our esteemed client was facing challenges on two main fronts:

    • Waste of resources: Too much time and effort were being allocated to manually collect and filter market data from social media platforms.
    • Difficulty getting access to competitors' market data: The client was unable to efficiently get analytics for benchmarking purposes.


    Partnering with Crowd Analyzer our client was able to effectively overcome these challenges. We provided well-organized automated reports highlighting key market data for the brand and its competitors, thereby bypassing the time, effort and difficulties faced crawling the data.


    Crowd Analyzer: A simple and faster way to achieve results

    Save time, save money!

    According to our Food & Beverage client “The platform minimized both the time and effort spent in extracting data for all social media platform for the weekly and monthly reports”.  The client was able to keep track of the brand's reputation and monitor all relevant content while minimizing the time consumed on these tasks and allocating the saved time to more productive uses.

    Using Crowd Analyzer facilitated benchmarking by “giving us easy access to competitors’ data such as [impression, engagements, mentions, users’ demographics] and extracting top posts for competitors in all platforms”.


    Get the most accurate results with our set of filters!

    The Crowd Analyzer tool empowers our clients by giving them access to both automated reports and a manual search option.

    The tool allows users to filter data according to their desired metrics while also providing the option to organize data by adding tags! What's more, the tool helped them in “extracting top mentions, posts, and videos for all platforms” without having to search through and manually filter all posts on the different social media platforms.


    Choosing the right partner for the job

    Being part of the Crowd Analyzer client base not only saves you hundreds of workforce hours and effort but also guarantees that reaching your business objectives is the epicenter of our endeavors.

    Partnering with Crowd Analyzer is a step forward to get know your customers better and to keep a watchful eye out for the competition.

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