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    30 AUG, 2021

    How Palm Hills utilizes social media listening to reach its full potential?

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    Palm Hills Development is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt with a vast portfolio that includes over 29 projects ranging from residential, commercial, and resort projects. The reputable brand is part of a huge market in Egypt that is continuously evolving and expanding; hence, it is important to always be informed to sustain their position and enhance their marketing strategy. 

    Since the start of 2021, Palm Hills Developments has been utilizing Crowd Analyzer’s social media listening tool through our very own team of research  & insights experts to monitor the corporate brand’s social media presence across different platforms. Acting as an extended arm to PHD’s market intelligence and research team, our Crowd Analyzer research experts aimed to further analyze Palm Hills Development position in the market along with it’s campaigns while reporting any PR challenges that might arise.


    As Palm Hills continues to grow, securing a remarkable share in the Egyptian real estate market, they wanted to ensure clear and more accurate visibility on their ROI. Palm Hills Developments were looking for a tool that would provide a deep consumer analysis with an emphasis on users’ activities and behavior in both Arabic and English. They would achieve their goal of increasing visibility only by identifying where they stand in the market through competitive benchmarking. Moreover, it was crucial to PHD to have this data through a proficient research team to stay alert and get instant notifications in case any incident arises that could threaten their brand image.

    Solution offered by Crowd Analyzer

    • PHD had access to deep dive analysis on monitored data which was segmented by project geo-location, to provide more accurate and categorized analysis.
    • A monthly performance report is developed by our team of data insights experts covering an analysis of digital communication, consumer intelligence, and competitive analysis. 
    • A dedicated customer research analyst that alerts PHD with real time notifications incase of negative coverage/mentions.
    • An annual assessment report is shared to support PHD in identifying the effectiveness of their overall marketing strategy and brand positioning.


    ''Crowd Analyzer has not only saved hours of manual work but also given us more confidence in the data given its higher accuracy compared to traditional ways of tracking the online space. It has also helped our Client Relations & Marketing departments in better planning the use of their resources and have a more complete campaigns assessment.''
    Omar El Kadi- Market Intelligence and Research Director, Palm Hills Developments


    Palm Hills gained valuable social media insights that functioned as an essential tool to take business tactical decisions. Social media listening provided the PHD team with more dynamic layers than traditional consumer research by tapping into the social sentiment layer. It also played a key role in handling a PR incident with real time insights regarding sensitive topics, which helped in making accurate decisions on how to approach the social media crisis situation.



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