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    Crisis Management Guide

    The Ultimate Guide To Crisis Management 

    We present to you in this guide the ultimate steps every brand should consider as they tackle a social media crisis at hand, or while working for a potential crisis plan.


    How to manage a social media crisis to save your brand?

    • Identify pre, during and post crisis needed steps 
    • Determine the criteria needed to identify a social media crisis level.
    • Access the key common actions that you should avoid when handling a social media crisis.



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    Allocate a team
    Allocate A Team
    Analyzing & Reporting
    Create A Clear Action Plan
    Determine Crisis Level
    Set A Clear Social Media Policy

    Crowd Analyzer

    Crowd Analyzer is the 1st Arabic focused social media listening tool. The bilingual social media listening tool is  a full-service data intelligence technology provider that helps companies in the region harness the power of social media by delivering actionable results. 


    Managing a crisis

    Determine Crisis Level

    Not every negative comment is a crisis;
    there are a few factors you need to put into
    consideration before labeling a crisis as one.

    brand reputation

    Identify Crisis Source 

    It all depends on the scenario that led to the situation in the first place, social media listening gives you the framework needed to understand the unusual activity. 

    What our clients say about social media listening?

    Social media listening will help you share appropriate messages and content, stay on top of mind, and build a relation with your audience without coming off as tone-deaf. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the social media conversations, your brand can be an authentic, considerate and valuable contributor to the conversation

    Create Media
    Social Media Director- Create Media
    Mohamed El Daly

    Social media listening will help most businesses understand how effective their daily operations are. COVID19 has a positive effect on brands in a way. The rise of online purchasing and interaction would help brands get their feedback in real time. This is an opportunity to enhance their services and products. 

    Digital Marketing Director - Ways Marketing Solutions
    Hossam Elhaj