Food & Beverages Industry Report


The Impact of Social Media on the Food Retail Industry.

This edition of Crowd Analyzer’s industry focused report looks at the conversations consumers are having around food retailers listening to over 100 Food Retail Brands Social Accounts in the MENA region.


What’s inside:
◆ Analysis of key brand activities.
◆ Analysis of consumer behavior.
Users conversations segmented by Restaurants (QSR's), Café and confectionary, and online food delivery brands.
◆ In depth regional Analysis for future market expansions.


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Brands Analysis

Analyzing social accounts for 119 brands across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube platforms

Consumer Analysis

Analyzing consumer conversations regarding food retail discussions, identifying their purchase cycle and the most discussed topics, providing in-depth analysis for 3 countries. 

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Improve Brand Image

The more you listen to your consumers, the better you can respond to their needs.


Understand Consumer Behavior

To better engage with your customers and identify the best way to communicate with your customers.

WE Telecom Egypt

Alaa Adel Zidan

Social Media Lead @Dubai Media Incorporated


Crowd Analyzer is a beautiful social listening tool that distinguished itself by analyzing the Arabic dialects. It showed great development and a breakthrough over a very short period of time. The team is great too.

Ibrahim AlSuhaibani

Marketing Director @Domino's MENAP


I'm using Crowd Analyzer for a year now, It's one of the great tools for insights and listening. We managed to act effectively based on data since we used the platform. One of the main platform I watch every morning.

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