Ramadan Conversational Trends 2021 

Analyzing millions of conversations to identify the key behavior patterns of Ramadan 2021

What to expect in the Ramadan 2021 Report: 

  • An overview of the key analysis of Ramadan 2021
  • Top 6 trends captured in Ramadan 2021 across the MENA Region.
  • Insights for an effective social media strategy.
  • Tips for planning Ramadan content 2022
  • Better understanding of the key target audience. 
  • Most talked about ads in over 8 leading industries.

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Analyzing over 8 industries, to identify the top ads in Ramadan 2021 based on the number of brand mentions for each industry. This will guide your brand to understand consumer preferences and the type of ads that actually generated a social media buzz in Ramadan 2021!


To better tailor content for your target audience while planning for Ramadan 2022, you need to understand the key trends captured in 2021. This report covers the Ramadan's dominating gender on social media, the most active countries, the most preferred content and messaging and many more..

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Plan A Content Strategy

The more you know as a brand about your customers, the bigger the opportunity for creativity.

Actions & Recommendations

Data Driven Actions & Recommendations 

For a stronger presence in the Middle East, empower your marketing strategy with accurate, relevant and high coverage data analytics.

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Jamie Wilks

Co-founder & Managing Partner @ House of Comms

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If 2020 showed us anything, it is what our future will look like in terms of digital communication. Brands will recognize that to have a strong presence, they need
to be one cohesive, coordinated, and consistent entity across all their digital touchpoints.

Bojana Katic

Marketing Specialist @Barilla Group


Social media platforms are now playing a much bigger role in our daily communications. A lot of brands and industries have expedited their digital transformation plans to adapt to the new normal. With so much happening online, it is now more important than ever to understand where you stand and how you can fit, adapt, and engage with the digital universe.

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