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    The Role of Social Media in Promoting Environmental Sustainability Stories 2020

    By looking over a million social media activities from January to April 2020 in the MENA region, we are able to develop an understanding of how businesses integrate environmental sustainability in their social media content and how users react to it. Consumers are searching for brands that help them make a difference in this world, and brands now have a bigger role to play in meeting expectations of modern-day consumers.

    What to expect in the Report?

    • Most active countries when it comes to conversations about environmental sustainability?

    • Conversations about the environment involve several topics; it is important for brands to understand what their target audience define as eco-friendly.

    • The integration of sustainability as the bigger picture and environmental awareness.

    • The best content format that resonates with MENA users when it comes to sustainability.

    • Who are the influencers leading the talk for sustainability from brands, personal users and news accounts?

    • Opportunities for Brands, Personal Accounts and Influencers for a Better Future

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    Discover the influence of social media on sustainability with its different topics
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    Understand how can your brand capitalize on the current social media scene with relevant social investment activities
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    Spot the right advocates for a greener future

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