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    Crowd Analyzer Dashboard

    Our key product enables companies and entities from all of the industries to accurately monitor, analyze and utilize social media data to grow their business!


    Key Advantages

    The Crowd Analyzer platform gives access to analytics such as sentiment, gender, location, historical data, word cloud, influencers, top mentions, and much more.
    English and Arabic Dialects Analysis

    Crowd Analyzer can detect and analyze English and Arabic content and identify Standard, Gulf, and Egyptian Arabic accents.

    Sentiment score on English & Arabic content

    By using ground-breaking AI technologies and advanced machine learning algorithms the platform will allow you to asses audiences’ overall satisfaction regarding your brand or products/services with the help of one of the most accurate sentiment scores.

    Automated Reports & Customized Digests

    In three clicks download a detailed report of the topics you are monitoring, keywords, brands, and influencers. Just as easily you can download the customized digests to share with your team and management.

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    Historical Twitter Data (Since 2006)
    Crowd Analyzer also provides Twitter historical data that enables companies to conduct research as far back as 10 years on Twitter.


    Accurate Location
    Real-time Alerts
    Gender Identification
    Manageable Insights
    Influencers' Analysis
    Filtered Results

    Top Use Cases

    Crisis Spotting & Prevention

    In order to ensure that social media platforms are free from negative posts regarding your brand, Crowd Analyzer notifies you and other selected parties in your organization of any crisis or unusual behavior. Indicators of crisis are customized according to your company’s definition of a crisis.

    General Market Research

    On one hand, accurate gender and business identification, location and language will give your team perceptive insights to further understand the demographics of your target audience. While on the other hand, the high levels of sentiment accuracy and relevancy will enable you to identify and understand the topics, trends, and people driving conversations and opinions for your industry, brand, and competitors.

    Campaign Analysis-5
    Campaign Analysis

    You'll be able to track and measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns by looking at key metrics such as engagement, sentiment, interactions, and conversations taking place around your and your competitors' campaigns; making it easier to hone in on the right social media campaign strategies.

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