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    offline media

    Crowd Analyzer now features Offline Media Monitoring

    Offering a complete 360-degree social listening experience.
    The platform now crawls and analyzes online and offline mentions on any keyword.


    Key Features

    To bring our clients a comprehensive listening experience, the Crowd Analyzer platform now allows analysis of offline media outlets, making the insights found more accurate, holistic and more actionable than ever.

    680+ daily, weekly and monthly publications

    Monitor your brand mentions in diverse publications including publicly owned and private newspapers, magazines, and periodicals.

    680+ daily, weekly and monthly publications-1
    Coverage across MENA, GCC & Levant

    Our coverage spans publications from Morocco to Oman so you're always on top of your mentions.

    Coverage across MENA, GCC & Levant
    Analyze Rich Insights

    Analyze print mentions by publication location, automated tags, sentiment, source, AVE, and Circulation.

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    Translate Publications

    Translate digitized publications in different languages to your preference.

    Translate Publications -1
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    Setup Alerts for Print Mentions
    • Get alerted whenever your brand is mentioned in any offline sources.
    • Get alerts about industry trends & competition mentions in print media.
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    Integrate Print Mentions in Reports & Digests

    Now you can add print mentions distribution & analysis in reports & digests and get a full view of your brand's mentions in a click of a button.

    Integrate Print Mentions in Reports & Digests-1

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