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    Crowd Analyzer Guides

    Covering different industries, we are eager to showcase the way our tool obtains the right data you need. Enjoy browsing through our guides!

    11 JUN 2018

    Crisis Management Guide

    While using the connectivity of your social media can help you expand the reach and power of the brand, it can also damage it. When facing a social media crisis, every action you take online, and even offline, will be monitored by many of your followers, customers, and critics. Hence, it is crucial to develop a plan to respond to any crisis so as to ensure your response will not result in even more negative feedback.
    15 May 2018

    Campaign Performance Analysis Guide

    Whether your social media campaign is run by an entire social media team or a single individual, you are still paying money to promote your social media page. Therefore, it is important to insure your campaign is generating as many leads as possible, in order to get the most effective use out of your money.