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    The First Arabic Social Media Monitoring Platform

    Monitor and Analyze Millions Of Conversations Happening On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, News, Blogs and More.

    Why choose Crowd Analyzer?

    To empower your business with the most accurate and relevant data when it comes to listening to your customers on social media and ultimately create the most successful social media campaigns & marketing strategies.

  • Brand Auditing
  • Tap into the millions of conversations and take control of your online reputation

    A brand now is all about what people say it is and brand reputation is more exposed than ever. We enable you to:
    • Get access to accurate and relevant data making it easier for your brand to navigate the tides of customer opinion.
    • Understand the triggers and barriers which impact your and your competitors’ brand reputation to formulate the right marketing strategies and tactics.
    Brand Reputation
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Know if your campaign reached your target segment and hit the right spot.

    Features such as automated sentiment analysis of Arabic and English will assess how your audience felt about your campaign

    • Measure the impact of your campaign on brand love, follower growth, and engagement rates by tracking how your audience’s conversations and reactions are evolving.
    • Understand how your campaign was perceived and who was driving the opinion about your campaign.
    Campaign Analysis-5
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • See how the competition is performing

    Get deeper insights about how your business is faring against your competitors by

    • Monitoring their activities and the conversations taking place on their social media pages and beyond.
    • Analyzing and comparing sentiment to see how customers feel about your products as well as your competitor's products/services across all of social media.
    Competitive Benchmarking
  • Crisis Spotting & Prevention
  • We catch it before it goes viral

    Pre-set metrics allow you to receive notifications when an extraordinary activity takes place on social media platforms. The platform detects a crisis after

    • Add keywords, topics, brand names or social accounts, you assign to the platform to monitor.

    Our automated alerts will let you know as soon the buzz passes a specified threshold by notifying specific people in your business by email.

    crisis managment-2
  • Influencer Spotting & Analysis
  • Grow your business by choosing the right influencers

    You'll be able to identify who's driving the conversation when it comes to your brand by
    • Identifying and assessing influencers who engage with your industry and/or topic of interest.
    • Being able to rank the influencers who have the most reach and engagement with one click.
    Influencer Spotting & Measuring

    What our clients say about us

    Im using Crowd Analyzer for a year now, It's one of the great tools for insights and listening. We managed to act effectively based on data since we used the platform. One of the main platform I watch every morning.

    Marketing Director - Domino's MENAP
    Ibrahem AlSuhaibani
    Crowd Analyzer is a beautiful social listening tool that distinguished itself by analyzing the Arabic dialects. It showed a great development and a breakthrough over a very short period time. The team is great too.
    Alaa Adel Zidan
    Social Media Lead - Dubai Media Incorporated
    Alaa Adel Zidan
    I'm very pleased to use Crowd Analyzer. In addition to the fact that the tool is great for the business, the team of the company is very dedicated and the customer management team is very responsive. It's great to know that a company is always eager to support customers in various ways. 
    Social Media Officer - Paltel
    Abdallah Saleh

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