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    8 December, 2018

    The Command Center: Take Back Command Of Your Brand

    Big buzz, no way to listen?

    Events usually garner a lot of buzz and for that reason you’d usually want to keep close tabs on any event that interests you or implicates your brand. Events that are relevant to your brand can often lead to the dissemination of a mass of practical information expanding from reactions about the event and its implications to people’s recommendations or grievances regarding your event or brand. You might also want answers to central questions such as how your event is being covered by different influential figures? What are they saying? How are people interacting with the event? And is there any red flags you should heed to? However, it is difficult to keep track of let alone organize the myriad of data being shared. Without a proper medium to track and sort the data you’re basically wasting bulks of valuable insights and information that could be crucial for your brand.


    The perfect headphones

    Crowd Analyzer realized that an efficient medium that crawls and organizes data would be fundamental for brands that are looking to capitalize on the data being shared to advance their brands further. However, manually sorting through millions of data pieces being shared is not only time consuming but it also inefficient. The amount of omitted insights that would go unnoticed and the unresolved issues and complaints  that would go viral could be detrimental for the brand. Accordingly, Crowd Analyzer’s star product ‘the dashboard’ manages to monitor and track all relevant conversations and topics that are spurred by your event. Yet, Crowd Analyzer knew that getting the data wasn’t the biggest challenge hindering brands from fully utilizing the buzz created by events to their advantage.


    The difference between Looking and Seeing

    Without being properly organized and displayed the insightful value of data becomes blurred by the magnitude of it all. Accordingly, Crowd Analyzer managed to develop a tool that not only efficiently gathers the data but also displays it in the most effective way to maximize its functionality! The perfect listening tool is complemented by the ideal visual medium that effectively displays and highlights key data; the Command Center. When faced with thousands of data pieces you are often overwhelmed and end up looking at the data without actually seeing the value or usefulness behind it. The command center takes you a step further and visualizes the data for you through an elegant and practical design that allows you to truly see and discern the insights buried within the clatter.


    • An aesthetic display:

    During an event, you might want to display a real-time coverage to hearten people to share their opinions and interact with your event. Instead of convoluted and overcomplicated graphs and visuals the Crowd Analyzer command center gives you the edge of airing data in the most eye pleasing and clear manner. Clients and prospects can easily follow the display and discern all the notable insights through a tasteful and well-organized design. You can customize the data underpin certain topics or fashion the display to draw attention to certain insights.


    • Tailor it for the perfect fit

    The command center is fully customizable to your convenience. Realizing that each brand has its unique vision and needs, Crowd Analyzer ensured that the command center can be tailor made to empower the user by displaying the information each user seeks using the visual that best characterizes and highlights it. By giving the user the ability to customize the command center, the tool basically empowers clients to enhance their social media listening experience and maximize their benefits.


    • Real time coverage- Real time actions

    As your event unravels you will want to respond to and manage any potential negative PR outbreaks as they arise. The command center offers you real-time coverage by displaying data from social media as it surfaces, tracking the top mentions and viral posts as they take place will enable you to take corrective measures during the onset of any crisis. You no longer have to wait for feedback to improve your event next time; real time coverage allows you take real-time actions and make the best out of your event.


    The command center is a tool that will allow you to capitalize on the flow of information being shared on social media, giving you access to see all the right data from all the right angles!



    For all the retailers looking for a more effective medium than traditional paid advertising, look no further! Influencer marketing has risen to the forefronts of profitable and effective marketing trends promising exceptional results for its beneficiaries.

    The importance of Social Media Management

    Social media can either bring life or death to your brand, it’s all a matter of crafting your online presence the right way.

    The Command Center; Giving You Back Command Over Your Brand

    For all the retailers looking for a more effective medium than traditional paid advertising, look no further! Influencer marketing has risen to the forefronts of profitable and effective marketing trends promising exceptional results for its beneficiaries.